Bicoastal Media 51 Stations Pacific Northwest

Our Vision:

Brand building and exposure, at any level of business, now takes consistent effort and work.  At Bicoastal Media we are working to consistently expand our marketing reach through expansion of our legacy radio broadcast mediums and extending into social media and digital display.  We work with our clientele to combine as many channels as possible to give the greatest reach and effective messaging.

Marketing Strategies:   By utilizing research and creative sourcing, Bicoastal Media will work with you to develop a clear vision of what the need is for your business and provide options for the best combination of resources to deliver your brand messaging effectively and in a timely fashion.

Legacy:  Bicoastal Media (Nor Cal) operates 13 legacy broadcast signals that range through both the AM and FM bands, with followers from 18 – 70 years of age.  The benefit to our clients is the ability to cover a vast geographic area, at home, work or while mobile.   Our legacy channels have, by far, the single widest lifestyle range and demographic coverage of any medium in Northern California.

Digital:  Bicoastal Media (Nor Cal) extends its legacy exposure through multiple digital channels.  Operating six websites and 4 audio streaming channels, we can effectively convert our legacy audience to interactive participants/followers for contesting, promotion, emergency information, community events and more in a variety on online delivery modes that are creative and compelling. This allows us to reach more individuals in more places.  Currently Bicoastal Media (Nor Cal) utilizes 10 social media channels to extend brand messaging for ourselves and our clients.  Far and away more than any other marketing outlet in our region.

Web Design:     Our Interactive Services division launched “Connect” in 2009.  Connect is a web design program designed to integrate web development, legacy and digital services to give our clients a deeper and broader prism of marketing options in our local markets.  In addition, our web services program will be developing into SEO, and SMM in the near future.

Digital Partners:  Bicoastal Media (Nor Cal) currently partners with Aptivada.  This collaboration allows us to build compelling and impactful social media contesting for business to consumer engagement.

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